Xbox Scarlett : Anaconda et Lockhart parlent hardware et puissance (Téraflops…), les dernières rumeurs

Plume was talking about it last week right here: Microsoft is planning two models of Xbox consoles. A version called “Anaconda”, very powerful and expensive, and a more affordable version called “Lockhart”. Today, new leaks and rumors bring new information, or at least a little water to the rumor mill.

According to new rumors coming from WindowsCentral (to be taken as always with the appropriate tweezers) we would have a good dose of additional information on the hardware of the Anaconda and Lockhart consoles.

The Anaconda console which is the most powerful model of the new Xbox and which wishes to make 120 FPS/1080p or 60fps/4K would have this in it:

16 Gb of GDDR6 memory (including 13 Gb for the games and 3 Gb for the operating system)
On the CPU side, a 7nm 3.5 Ghz Flute SoC, an eight-core, sixteen-threaded processor under AMD Zen2 architecture.
12 Gross Power TFLOPS

The Lockhart console, which is the cheaper and less powerful little sister, and which “wishes” to focus on 60 FPS/1440p, would have this in its bosom:

12 GB of GDDR6 memory.
A Flute Soc engraved in 7 nm, the same as the Anaconda’s one

The Lockhart model would therefore have 2 fewer TFLOPS than the Xbox One X, which has 6 TFLOPS, which means less raw power. But since the rest of the hardware and especially the architecture of the processor and GPU are totally different, we can’t really draw any definitive conclusions…

It is indeed difficult to have an idea at the moment of the real power difference between these two supposed machines, even if we imagine that if there are two versions of consoles, these differences will inevitably exist, one way or another.

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