The Snow Queen 2: a first song unpublished in the new trailer!

The new trailer of “The Snow Queen 2” (expected in our rooms for November 20) would contain the first notes of the new “Liberated, delivered”? Discover Elsa’s new song.

The Snow Queen 2: a first song unpublished in the new trailer!

Would one have found the heiress of “Liberated, delivered”?

While the sequel to The Snow Queen will be released in our theaters on November 20, Disney has just unveiled a new trailer of the film in which resonate – sung by Idina Menzel – the very first notes of an unpublished song.

Entitled “Into the Unknown” and performed by Elsa, it seems to have been designed to accompany the Queen’s first steps in her epic journey to distant lands where she hopes to find answers about the origin of his magical powers.

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It remains to be seen if this song will be the highlight of the film’s musical performance or if this role has been reserved for another unprecedented piece still kept secret, which is quite possible since the soundtrack of this second part should have at least 4 new songs.

While waiting to know more, (re) discover the trailer of the film



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