TEST of Far Cry New Dawn: A standalone post-apo

After a salvo of uninspired DLCs, Far Cry 5 didn’t really bow out. Presented as a spin-off, Far Cry: New Dawn stands as an unacknowledged sequel. Somewhat changed and presenting new specificities, is the Hope County region still the place to be… or not to be ?

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Forget about the bent survivalists and the god nuts. Today, Montana’s got bigger fish to fry. It’s been 17 years since the world was hit by a nuclear disaster. Nothing has been spared. But out of disaster and ashes a new world was born. The animals, somewhat mutated, are still frolicking in large numbers. Vegetation has regained its rights, green and pink have invaded the landscape. The survivors are trying to rebuild as best they can. All they lack is a little knowledge. One man is trying to bring them together: Thomas Rush. With a handful of experts, he travels across the United States to teach different communities the best way to generate growth.

Unfortunately, in this crowded post-apocalyptic future, the Pests, lawless looters, come to meet the train that brings Rush to Hope County. You, as its chief of security, cannot prevent the tragedy… You’re the only one who can. And now you’re in the loving hands of Carmina Rye, the young woman who’s taking you to Prosperity Village… The place is a haven of peace. The children are frolicking while a guitar player is playing his guitar on the porch of the main building. There is some infrastructure, a garden… Run by Kim Rye, Prosperity needs your help. Double it. On the one hand, we must succeed in recruiting specialists who will allow us to develop better. On the other hand, we need to get the Pests, led by the ruthless twins Mickey and Lou, to back off.

Like at home

We find the formula of FPS in open world with many possibilities dear to the series. The map, although tighter and more condensed than that of Far Cry 5, is obviously familiar. You’ll recognize many of the buildings and exteriors visited in the shoes of the local sheriff’s deputy 17 years ago. Pictures will be there to remind you of some things. But it’s all in ruins now, dirty. A new Mad Max style world where it is not the New Eden’s crazy people who threaten the roads, but even more violent gugusses dressed in fluorescent biker’s clothes. And bugs (bears, wolverines and other wolves) that look like they’ve eaten all the radiation.

The local activities to gain ground and various useful skill points, often popping up while chatting with NPCs who all look quite strangely alike, have hardly moved. In between random attacks on your path, there are potential allies to help you become companions, each with their own specialities, caches where precious resources are stored and, as you can imagine, outposts to conquer. Gunfighting, escapes, races and good humour. Without any change other than the general atmosphere? Of course there is.

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