Stephen King: From 2 to Doctor Sleep, he’s everywhere! Decryption [PODCAST]

Master Stephen King is everywhere this fall! On the cinema side, series, but also in the book department … In addition to the release of his new book “The Institute”, several books are coming out interested in his adaptations. Decryption of a must!

Stephen King: From 2 to Doctor Sleep, he's everywhere! Decryption [PODCAST]

Special Stephen King this week on the occasion of the release of the anthology “After a story of Stephen King”, book sum signed Matthieu Rostac and François Cau, whose release is scheduled for Wednesday, October 2 at Hachette Heroes.

Stephen King is everywhere in this season, whether in the movies or series, you can not escape! With this news, we will raise several questions that you ask yourself like us: why the “King” is it so often adapted? How has it influenced gender? And by browsing the book “From a story of Stephen King”, we will also stop on some cases of adaptations, successful or sometimes less successful …

Listen to our special podcast, with our guests Matthieu Rostac and François Cau. A program designed for fans of Stephen King, but also and especially for those who would like to know more about him, his world, with some crisp anecdotes to the key!

The show is presented by Brigitte Baronnet and Jean-Maxime Renault. Production and mixing: Julien Lambert.

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>>> The book “According to a story of Stephen King”, by Matthieu Rostac and François Cau, released October 2 at Hachette Heroes Editions

It should be noted that another book devoted to Stephen King’s adaptations is also released in October: Stephen King on the screen, by Ian Nathan (Stephen King at the movies, translated by Jean-Marc Lainé), by Bragelonne ( available from October 16th). Finally, let’s recall the special Stephen King cycle, from October 2 to November 15, 2019, Stephen King, stories from America

What is the best adaptation of Stephen King? The worst ? Here is your ranking!



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