Best Gift Ideas For 2020

Best Gift Ideas For 2020

Choosing the right gift may prove more difficult than it might seem at first sight. While dozens of gift ideas may rush to your imagination, you will inevitably find it difficult to make the decision to purchase the right gift.

To be honest, the first افكار هدايا that will come to your mind will most likely be: an hour, a perfume, a bouquet of flowers, etc. Often times, you will then reject all of these options as “consuming ideas” and then start unleashing your imagination to find creative gift ideas before you discover that the process of choosing a gift is more difficult than you imagined.

As the saying goes: “A person is a messy variable in any equation.” When looking for a gift idea, you must take into account the nature of the person to whom you will gift the هدايا, and also the nature of your relationship with him, and you must study his psyche, how will he accept the gift? What would he think? In short, the topic is complex.

If you passed in this experiment, do not worry, you are not alone. Personally, I have been anxiously watching social events, and often get overworked by just starting out looking for the right gift.

I often search for hours for gift ideas that may be appropriate for the person concerned, and often choose a gift that I find special at first sight before I enter into a long-term psychological struggle over the value of the gift, the message that the gift carries, the impression of the person receiving the gift, and many others.

I decided, before writing the topic, to deal with this “dilemma” once and for all. I decided to gather the largest possible number of gift ideas on one page to become as a future guide. I refer to it whenever the need arises, and then I thought about sharing this guide with you, dear reader.

This guide is the result of a long and serious search process to get unique gift ideas, innovative and not trite. I hope you’ll find your guide in this guide, or at least find some inspiration from some of these gift ideas.

In Vogue Super Store, we regularly present gift ideas and often link gift ideas for a specific occasion, but in this guide, we will present various gift ideas suitable for all occasions. If you are looking for marriage gifts, birthday gifts, gifts for your friend, gifts for your girlfriend, هدايا رجاليه, or gifts for women, you will find in this guide every drop of the sea.

We do not sell any of the products suggested below, and you can buy these gifts directly on the websites that supply these products.

At Vogue Super Store, we do our best to help you choose the perfect gift for the perfect person. When you purchase any of the products suggested in this gift ideas guide, Vogue Super Store may obtain commission from any of the suppliers. This commission will not add any cost to the final price in any way. These commissions help us cover costs and keep coming up with more exceptional gift ideas.

Because prices change from time to time, we will not display gift prices here and we will limit ourselves to determining whether the gift will cost you less than 100 Saudi riyals (low cost), between 100 riyals and 500 riyals (average cost), and more than 500 riyals (high cost). By تذكار

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Gift Ideas

1. Hexagonal Wall Shelves

Hexagonal wall shelves

Who among us does not have a large, empty and “boring” wall? Especially in our beloved country, Saudi Arabia. We seem to have a “strange” passion for walls, and you may find that the vertical space on the walls far exceeds that of the home’s horizontal for a difficult reason.

Regardless of my intent on homeowners and interior designers alike, you can take advantage of this opportunity with the idea of ​​gifting such hexagonal wooden shelves.

When it comes to gift ideas that can be hung on a wall, there are hundreds of options from shelves, paintings, watches, and many more. If you are a resident of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, trust that the person gifted to him will find enough space on a wall in his house to hang your gift.

2. Wall Paintings

Wall paintings

Wall panels are an integral and important component of interior design. True, buying an original artwork may not be the perfect choice especially for your budget, but the murals produced by printing meet the purpose and at an affordable price.

If you already know the interior design of the home you want to gift, choose a mural design and color consistent with the decor of his home. If you are not sure, choose a wall painting in neutral colors such as white, beige, black, and others. These colors are suitable for most interior decorations and your friend will have no difficulty in locating the right place to hang the mural.

This painting by artist Noura Al-Jallad is a vivid example of neutral colors in wall paintings. Also, this painting highlights the aesthetic of Arabic calligraphy in a very modern and beautiful way.

3. Moonlight


Renovating the decor of the bedroom with a simple change could mean everything. Who wouldn’t welcome replacing that traditional lampshades with a unique one? This moonlight lamp with its wooden base not only reflects the romance of the moon, it is practical and looks more than wonderful. In addition, with this gift, the gifted person may “force” you to think about you every night.

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4. Home-Equipped Candles

Home-equipped candles

Candles add a lot of warmth to all places and are an ideal gift for everyone. When you prepare candles yourself, you can control the look, color, and even smell.

Also, handmade gifts always reach the heart directly. By preparing the gift yourself, you are sending a message: I care about you. Try making candles at home and guarantee that you will not purchase ready-made candles after that.

There are many explanations on the Internet that will help you explain the steps for preparing candles at home.

5. Ikea Tablet Stand

Ikea tablet stand

If you know that the gifted person enjoys cooking and trying new recipes, this gift idea will be more than perfect. This IKEA stand is also suitable for attaching recipe books.

The ergonomic and streamlined design of this stand makes it suitable for wall mount or wall mount. Also, this stand is specially made for use in the kitchen and you can trust that it will last long.

6. Hidden Book Stand/Shelf

Hidden Book Stand/Shelf

Reading enthusiasts have a special interest in their libraries and decorating them and this hidden book installer idea will add an innovative touch to the aesthetic of book library. There are many different shapes and designs that are based on the same idea and you can choose whatever suits you best.

The idea of this hidden fastener is based on an iron mold that surrounds books on both sides in a hidden way, so that the book covers on both sides cover it and then the sword sticks to it from both sides by means of a magnet fixed at the ends.

7. A Plant Pot With A Self-Watering System

A plant pot with a self-watering system

Any gift ideas guide might not contain the idea of a plant pot and it is difficult to find someone who does not want to add an element of nature to his home décor.

This self-watering system in the plant pot reduces the arduous aspect of watering and caring for plants on a daily basis, and its elegant and modern design makes it suitable for display in any room, regardless of its interior design.

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