Gift Wrapping Pack Any Gift In 12 Simple Steps

Gift Wrapping Ideas

Hello, may God make your times happier. You might think the challenging task is over once you are inspired by the perfect gift idea for an occasion. After you buy the gift, you will remember that you know nothing about gift packaging the correct way, at least. We here at Vogue Super Store created this thorough steps to wrap gifts in few and easy to follow procedures.

Some then resort to the nearest gift packaging store to gift the packaging, while others prefer to start a long walk to find the perfect gift packaging store over Instagram. All of these options may be OK options, I say “it’s okay” because I still believe that most gift packaging stores in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are, like other stores, traditional and with consuming packaging ideas.

Not to mention the 15 types of refined wrapping paper in each store, which seems to have only one importer, distributes the same 15 types to every gift packaging store in the Kingdom.

However, aside from my dissatisfaction with the repetition of the same merchandise in all stores, I am here to tell you that gift wrapping is not as difficult as you envision. In fact, in 12 simple steps, a little focus and some “gouging”, and by the end of this article, you will be able to package any gift in a beautiful and elegant way.

If you are in a hurry, or your girlfriend’s wedding tomorrow is “wedding ball”, learning how to gift wrapping may not be the best choice for you in this case. First, you will need some time to buy all the supplies, then you will need more time to practice, especially if you are new to the world of handicrafts, in order to be able to perfectly package the gift.

However, before you start wrapping the gift, you’ll need all of these supplies:

Packaging tape: To add a nice touch to your gift, we advise you to unleash your imagination when it comes to packaging tape. There are no rules for choosing colors, patterns, or even materials. Therefore, be creative and choose what expresses you or your gift.

Cartons: It is much easier to package something square or rectangular, if your gift is not already equipped in a carton, we advise you to have a small carton to fit the size of your gift.

Wrapping paper: The golden base of wrapping paper is thickness. The thicker the wrapping paper, the more luxurious and easy to handle. To facilitate cutting later, we recommend that you have a table style wrapping paper on the back.

Often, you’ll also need double-sided tape, scissors, and a little patience!

Here Is Step-By-Step Guide For Gift Wrapping

The First Step | Cut The Wrapping Paper

Cut Wrapping Paper

Place the cardboard (carton side facing down) on the wrapping paper, without cutting the paper from the front. Use scissors to cut the paper on one side, leaving enough space for the wrapping paper to cover the cardboard on both sides.

The Second Step Fold The Wrapping Paper

Fold The Wrapping Paper

Stand on the same side of the table and close to the wrapping paper roll, pull the wrapping paper from the opposite side up. While pressing the roll paper onto the edge of the carton, stick the adhesive tape (two sides) to secure the wrapping paper to the edge of the carton.

The Third Step Paste Both Sides Together

Paste Both Sides Together

Bring the cardboard roll to the opposite side, leave an additional 3 cm and then cut the wrapping paper off the roll. Fold those 3 cm inward and then secure them by gluing both sides.

The Fourth Step Close Open Sides

Close Open Sides

Now let’s deal with one of the open faces of the carton. Push the sides inward as in the picture to have four corners, each at a 45 degree angle.

Step Five Fold Down

Fold Down

Fold the top part out of the carton down. Squeeze your fingers fairly hard to create sharp lines at the top and bottom cardboard corner as well. Cut off the top of the top wrapping paper at the bottom of the carton.

Step Six Get Rid Of Excess Wrapping Paper

Get Rid Of Excess Wrapping Paper

On the bottom wrapping paper, fold any excess paper so that the paper ends perfectly with the cardboard top corner when folded up. Apply duct tape (double-sided) to the bottom wrapping paper before you fold it and secure it to the tape.

Step Seven Close The Opposite Side

Close The Opposite Side

Repeat steps 4 through 6 to close the other open side. Finish all sides by pressing your fingers on all corners to create sharp lines.

Step Eight Add Wrapping Ribbon

Adding Wrapping Ribbon

Place the wrapped carton with the carton face facing down on the packing tape (about five times the length of the carton). Pull the ends of the bar up and place the end from the right side on the left side. Then, swipe over the width of the carton until the two sides intersect in the middle of the carton at an angle of 90 degrees.

Step Nine Attaching The Ribbon

Attach The Ribbon

First turn the cardboard with the cardboard face on top. You should have two ends of the packing tape approximately the same length. Place each end of the wrapping tape under the existing tape as shown in the picture.

Step Ten Double Knot

Double Knot Ribbon

Never tie a double knot to the ends of the ribbon to produce the collar shape. Use your fingers to control the shape of the collar.

The Eleventh Step Cut The Edges

Cutting The Edges

Press the ends of the tape with your thumb and forefinger, then cut the 45 degree angle to create a beautiful end to the tape as shown.

Then you are done.

That’s all about it! After packaging your first gift, you will be ready in the future to easily package any gift. How to wrapping the gift with the ribbon above will leave a cross for the tape below the gift. In the event that you want the back of the gift to be flat, you may benefit from this method, which is similar to the method at the top, with a small change to avoid the intersection at the back of the gift:


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