Arrow: two Superman for the price of one on the new photo of the cross-over

Two Superman on the set of Crisis on Infinite Earths! Tom Welling and Tyler Hoechlin posted a photo tonight that brings them together on the set of the Arrowverse’s new cross-over, a few days after the revelation of the new costume worn by Brandon Routh, thirteen years after the release of Superman Returns. In this five-part cross-over, the Man of Steel will appear as three different incarnations while his alter-ego Gotham City Bruce Wayne will also be present (embodied by Kevin Conroy, the “voice” Batman in many animated films).

Introduced in the second season of Supergirl, Tyler Hoechlin is the official Superman of the Arrowverse; Tom Welling played Clark Kent, his human alter-ego, in Smallville, donning the superhero costume only in the last seconds of the last episode of the series. Alongside them, Actress Elizabeth Tulloch, performer of Lois Lane (who will also be portrayed in the episode by Erica Durance).

The first three games of Crisis on Infinite Earths will air in the United States on December 8, 9 and 10, followed a month later – January 14, 2020 – by a final double-episode. As Well As you can watch Friends Season 5

A more beautiful life: summary what awaits you in episode 3899 [SPOILERS]

In the next episode of “More beautiful life” … While Boher discovers that heroism has its setbacks, Theo wonders about his future. Alison, meanwhile, would she finally be ready to set sail?

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Plus Belle la vie broadcast Thursday night on France 3!

Jean-Paul and Léa are rewarded

Logan arrives at Samia, accusing Hadrian of denouncing him to the press, then threatens to destroy his ambitions. Samia puts him out. In the locker room at the police station, Patrick thanks Jean-Paul for saving his daughter’s life. The commander suspects Hadrian of speeding up the medal process, which does not please Jean-Paul. The latter finds Léa and confirms his love feelings. The young woman confides that they are reciprocal. While Hadrian awards them for their courage, Eugenie asks him about his political motives. Hadrian prefers not to answer.

Meanwhile, Sebastien is about to leave the Belesta family but Laetitia begs him to stay, which he eventually accept. Later, Kevin surprised Sebastien on the phone with the funeral home. He orders him to hang up, preferring to take care of his father’s funeral himself. Sebastien apologizes. In the evening, Kevin suggests to his mother that Sébastien no longer lives with them. Laetitia burst into tears, admitting that she needs her presence. Kevin takes her in his arms and gives in.

Coralie does not dare to appear with Theo

As Theo leaves the hospital, Coralie is not ready to show up with him yet. She plans to stay at Blanche’s and take a room at Celeste. At the Mistral, Theo and Coralie settle down at a table. Thomas comes to take their order and creates discomfort by talking about Clement. When he returns to the bar, Theo discreetly takes Coralie’s hand. For her part, Delphine worries about Theo, unlike Clément and Antoine. Later, Theo goes to look for things at home. His mother promises to try to calm the game with his father but Theo is not ready to forgive him. Meanwhile, Coralie confides her doubts to Blanche, who reassures her. In the evening, Theo settles in his room at Celeste. Coralie is nervous because of their age difference. Theo plays down the situation. They kiss, then make love.

Alison leaves Mathias alone

Near the sea, Alison and Mathias plan to leave for New Zealand that evening. Later, at the roommate, Abdel falls on Alison, who is about to leave. She makes him believe that she is pregnant Mathias to see his reaction. Abdel says he is ready to take care of the child even if it is not his. Alison says goodbye. On the bus, Alison reveals to Mathias that she never intended to leave with him and that she intends to stay with Abdel. She apologizes, then leaves him. Mathias tries to hold her back, in vain. He leaves alone, with tears in his eyes.

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Movie Theaters: I’ll go wherever you go, Gemini Man, Alice and the Mayor … Movies of the Week

Anecdotes of filming, notes of intention, information film lovers: every week, discover behind the scenes of the cinema outings.

Did you know ? Géraldine Nakache wanted to make her character a singer after seeing the documentary 20 Feet from Stardom that her brother had told her about. The director has always been fascinated by singers of private performances: “I find it shocking to give everything to an audience that is not necessarily there to listen to you.This job of the shade interested me because the place that we take in life, the one we are given too, is the central subject of the film. “

Did you know ? These are two Will Smith who appear in Gemini Man. The actor embodies both the murderer of 51 years and the murderer of 23 years decided to kill him. The youngest of the two Will Smiths is entirely digital, a realization so complex that the two characters can fight hand-to-hand in perfect homogeneity on the screen, giving rise to a striking double-performance. “We see the actor looking at himself 30 years younger,” producer Jerry Bruckheimer marvels, “which is an incredible experience for the viewer.”
Did you know ? Nicolas Pariser had several influences for Alice and the mayor. Among them, the films of Eric Rohmer and that of (and with) Sacha Guitry with Fabrice Luchini. “Like the mayor, the heroes that play Guitry speak a lot and play the comedy, they are always on stage, but at a certain point their intimacy appears as if it’s a break-in, and it’s upsetting. life of the town hall, I thought a lot about the series “At the White House” of Aaron Sorkin, I liked all those characters who speak politics while walking and who work all the time “, specifies the director.
Did you know ? The fighting scenes were a galley to shoot according to the filmmaker Franchin Don. The sequences were numerous. The team turned more than we see on the screen. “It was my first time and most importantly, we were in the middle of winter, with the elderly, fortunately, I have a great team, and we managed to shoot them all … in three days,” says the director. scene. For Gérard Darmon, “the filming, which was a little rock’n’roll, was pretty tight because you had to go fast, there were no scenes particularly harassing or difficult, apart from the fighting.”
Did you know ? The project was conceived and created from the beginning with Eric Serre, with whom Anne-Lise Koehler studied and with whom she has worked regularly for more than 20 years. “Originally, there is the curiosity and my friendship for the” wild “animals and plants and the desire to transmit an enthusiasm! I wrote the project and it is Eric who suggested the technique of the puppet This adventure appealed to me because it draws on both my experience as a sculptor and both her talent, her convictions, her enthusiasm and her wonderful sense of animation. and the staging! “
Did you know ? It is the comedian Romain Duris who says the text and makes pass the “voice” of Aznavour. Marc Di Domenico confides: “In a very natural way, as under the seal of the evidence.Misha told us that Roman Duris had the same type of energy as his father and that it seemed to him the best choice.” Charles de Meaux who had already worked with him called him, and from the first recordings, it stuck in. We forget that it is Roman Duris and we are completely with Aznavour. “
Did you know ? Despite its political and social subject, Atlantic has a fantastic and poetic dimension. When she realized Atlantiques in 2009, Mati Diop felt that the men she was talking about had already left: “I thought there was a very ghostly atmosphere in Dakar and I could not contemplate the ocean without thinking. to all those young people who had disappeared, for me, making a film is not just about telling a story, it’s all about finding a form to a story. ” Desiring to tell a ghost story, it made sense for her to make a fantastic movie.


Stephen King: From 2 to Doctor Sleep, he’s everywhere! Decryption [PODCAST]

Master Stephen King is everywhere this fall! On the cinema side, series, but also in the book department … In addition to the release of his new book “The Institute”, several books are coming out interested in his adaptations. Decryption of a must!

Stephen King: From 2 to Doctor Sleep, he's everywhere! Decryption [PODCAST]

Special Stephen King this week on the occasion of the release of the anthology “After a story of Stephen King”, book sum signed Matthieu Rostac and François Cau, whose release is scheduled for Wednesday, October 2 at Hachette Heroes.

Stephen King is everywhere in this season, whether in the movies or series, you can not escape! With this news, we will raise several questions that you ask yourself like us: why the “King” is it so often adapted? How has it influenced gender? And by browsing the book “From a story of Stephen King”, we will also stop on some cases of adaptations, successful or sometimes less successful …

Listen to our special podcast, with our guests Matthieu Rostac and François Cau. A program designed for fans of Stephen King, but also and especially for those who would like to know more about him, his world, with some crisp anecdotes to the key!

The show is presented by Brigitte Baronnet and Jean-Maxime Renault. Production and mixing: Julien Lambert.

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>>> The book “According to a story of Stephen King”, by Matthieu Rostac and François Cau, released October 2 at Hachette Heroes Editions

It should be noted that another book devoted to Stephen King’s adaptations is also released in October: Stephen King on the screen, by Ian Nathan (Stephen King at the movies, translated by Jean-Marc Lainé), by Bragelonne ( available from October 16th). Finally, let’s recall the special Stephen King cycle, from October 2 to November 15, 2019, Stephen King, stories from America

What is the best adaptation of Stephen King? The worst ? Here is your ranking!



The Snow Queen 2: a first song unpublished in the new trailer!

The new trailer of “The Snow Queen 2” (expected in our rooms for November 20) would contain the first notes of the new “Liberated, delivered”? Discover Elsa’s new song.

The Snow Queen 2: a first song unpublished in the new trailer!

Would one have found the heiress of “Liberated, delivered”?

While the sequel to The Snow Queen will be released in our theaters on November 20, Disney has just unveiled a new trailer of the film in which resonate – sung by Idina Menzel – the very first notes of an unpublished song.

Entitled “Into the Unknown” and performed by Elsa, it seems to have been designed to accompany the Queen’s first steps in her epic journey to distant lands where she hopes to find answers about the origin of his magical powers.

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It remains to be seen if this song will be the highlight of the film’s musical performance or if this role has been reserved for another unprecedented piece still kept secret, which is quite possible since the soundtrack of this second part should have at least 4 new songs.

While waiting to know more, (re) discover the trailer of the film